Financial portfolio management software

Cirrus Data Solutions consolidates financial data from multiple sources that can be integrated with our Portfolio Management application or be exported to other types of software for broker dealers.

Financial data aggregation software

Financial service organizations have seen an increased change over the past decade in terms of product and service innovation.  As a result, the financial service industry is expected to operate with greater efficiency and to comply with industry and government regulations.

The organization and integration of your system is extremely important. This is why the financial services management software of Cirrus Data Solutions collects data from multiple sources and outputs detailed financial account and holding information as well as a complete security master list.  In turn, our products will increase operational efficiency and boost revenue growth, overall.

Financial portfolio management software

Financial portfolio management software provides powerful reporting.  Therefore, it is an influential tool that is used among many individual investors.  With the continued growth and progress of financial data aggregation software, financial planners have the ability to manage various types of transactions and securities.

Cirrus Data Solution’s financial application software will also provide solutions for financial advisor management, and web based financial management.  Cirrus Data Pro’s management software will ultimately increase efficiency, effectiveness and accountability.

Native to the platform, this financial portfolio management software also allows for extensive customization and includes…

•  Client Meeting Manager
•  Advisor Management
•  RMD Worksheet
•  Cost Basis Reporting
•  Daily AUM refresh at the individual client/registration/holding level
•  Asset Allocation Reporting
•  Trade Blotter reporting and notifications


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